Current Graduate Students

  • Anna Coletti
  • Sam Bubnovich

Past Graduate Students

  • May 2019 Yuan Gao (co-advised with Jeremy Marzuola) Metropolis Dynamics of Random Spin Systems, Wells Fargo
  • May 2021 Ben Walker (co-advised with Greg Forest) Emergent Structure and Dynamics from Stochastic Pairwise Crosslinking in Chromosomal Bead Models, UC Irvine
  • July 2021 Chris Moakler The Hydra String Method and its Application to High Dimensional Potential Energy Surfaces Arising from Granular Systems, UMCP
  • May 2023 Kate Daftari (co-advised with Greg Forest) Stochastic Modeling of Self-Avoidant Active Particles

Past Undergraduate Students

  • Rui Li Enhanced virtual crossmatching¬†
  • Clara Bay Spike-train activation of muscle models
  • Mastawal Tirfe¬†Characterizing random resistor networks and its effects on total resistance