My dancing collided with my love of mathematics for the differential equation inspired piece I choreographed for Brave New Dances in Albany, NY.  It combined the live dance with prerecorded birds-eye view video projected as a back drop all set to music by Phillip Glass.



In New York City, my dancing talents were called upon again in the creation of this video (a modern dance play), directed by Allison Howe.  Totally the best way to entertain yourself over the weekend in Brooklyn.


I play cello too!


The family has always enjoyed the Adirondacks in the summer.  While in grad school my roommate wanted to hike all 46 peaks over 4,000 ft.  I joined in, but then decided to change this challenge to hike 46 peaks over 4,000 ft (not the unique list of 46 peaks) after my brother Eric and I hiked Street and Nye.

Current count: 22 peaks reached.
  • Giant – wow, so that’s what hiking a real mountain is like
  • Big Slide – in a cloud
  • Cascade and Porter – Pablo ended up at the wrong parking lot…
  • Lower Wolf Jaw
  • Algonquin and Iroquois – Dad “you want to hike the second tallest mountain in New York!?!”
  • Winter Cascade – I now think winter is awesome if you are on a mountain
  • Whiteface – hiked up and drove down
  • Wright
  • Gothics – Tommy thought we were going for a stroll in the woods
  • Nippletop and Dial – first solo hike on the most perfect fall day ever
  • Street and Nye – the decision to never hike tree topped unmarked trails again
  • Phelps – significantly made up for Street and Nye two days earlier
  • Upper Wolf Jaw and Armstrong
  • Whiteface and Esther – up and down this time
  • Dix – apparently we went up the hard way
  • Cascade – summer and sleeting